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    Resolved How to open with dopbox?

    may i ask how to open with doxbox?
    should i first install a editor then open with doxbox?
    i just want to edit the bas from dos editor, i am using a vm fusion plus a dos platform with gwbasic and ms dos editor install on it.

    i try to simply open the bas file with that dos editor or even try to open the file from qbasic, ( the same system also has qbasic editor) but both only display strange character instead of the program .

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    Re: [RESOLVED] a little help with some old .BAS file

    If you had a new question, you should have started a new thread, and referenced this thread in your question rather than "grave-dig" an old thread. neither should you hi-jack a thread for you own question.

    The older Basic Interpreters had a tokenized format they could store the file in, which was more compact, quicker to read and run.
    But they also had the option to save the program as ASCII text, so you could use an external editor to edit the file.
    If you want to use a DOS editor, and the file is not already in ASCII, you will need to load it in the correct BASIC interpreter which should then be readable, and save the file in ASCII format.
    I assume if you're dealing with a GW-BASIC file, qbasic can't read it because it is store in the GW-BASIC binary format, i.e.
    save "filename.bas"
    will save the file in the default binary format.
    Load the file into GW-BASIC, then type
    save "filename.bas",a
    The ",a" will indicate you want to save the file in ASCII format, but you will have to find a copy of GW-BASIC. I don't know if BASICA was compatible with GW-BASIC's binary format, as an alternative.
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    Re: How to open with dopbox?

    Posts split off to new separate thread from this thread - http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?724299

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