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    Midi input

    Hi everyone

    I have a vb6 application, that I want to be able to control by receiving midi comands

    Such that when the users external usb midi divice sends a midi message, my program will repond

    So I am looking for sample code that will simply capture any incoming midi message, I can then use that message ( depending on the message ) to do some simple commands within my program.

    So for example:- I envisage the user will go to a setup page within my program to set the midi input device, the user will then ( in the case of a musical keyboard ) press a note key, when my program receives the note message, the user will be asked what function ( within my program ) he wants that key to perfom. ( I can then store this info so the user does not have to repeate the setup each time he runs my program )

    So I am looking for a nice simple, midi in monitor code

    Any Idea's

    PS I have the mabry "midiio2k.ocx" installed, but cannot figure out how to use the midi in control

    Thanks in advance

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