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Thread: Version Control

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    Version Control

    I've been developing for this client for over two years now. And the success we've enjoyed with the apps are evident that they hired more devs and allowed me to train some others here in the company who want to become developers. The need for version control became obvious so one of the more experienced web dev guys brought in Tortoise SVN. It seems to work pretty good and as I understand it's Open Source so the cost is right.

    My practice is each morning when I come in, I Update to get any of the changes others may have made and each evening when I leave I Commit all my changes. But I've been noticing that one or more of the issues or conflicts are with the *.suo files. I was curious as to how other development teams handle this.

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    Re: Version Control

    There are several file types that shouldn't be stored in version control, and I'm pretty sure .suo is one of them - because it is a user options file.

    Most source control systems allow you to specify which file types to include and/or ignore.

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    Re: Version Control

    I try to ensure I don't import the .suo file.
    You can always do an svn delete *.suo to remove it from the repository. (I don't usually use the GUI, started with svn on Linux from the terminal and have continued from the command line in windows). I assume you have Tortoise integrated with Windows Explorer, so you should be able to tag it for removal from the repository from the GUI.
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    Re: Version Control

    I think you should (if possible) start form the inner folder called (project name) thus (if .NET) should avoid ".sln" and ".suo" from there I think is just a matter of removing the "Release" and "Debug" folders from each of the folders within the main folder. That been said the only files that remain should be fine to put in version control. So that, is going from the inner folder all the files as well as the folder called "My Project", I don't know if the "obj" folder would be included or not?
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    Re: Version Control

    The suo file is a user-based file that tracks what files/projects you had open when you close the solution. It should be in your ignore list. That's what we do with ours. Along with the bin folder, and a couple of others.

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