I am trying to consume the Magento api via asp.net page but I can't seem to get a handle to the web service api. Here are the steps I am currently taking. Any advice on what I am doing wrong is appreciated.

1) Add Service Reference
2) Click 'Advanced' button
3) Click 'Add Web Reference...'
4) Enter http://domain.nextmp.net/api/v2_soap?wsdl into URL: textbox and click arrow
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5) Click 'Add Reference' when ready
6) Now see a new folder 'App_WebReferences' with following structure underneath.
net > nextmp > domain > Magento.discomap
7) I then create new page called magento.aspx and add a button called btnShowData
8) Now if I try to create a object for web service my intellisense doesn't show anything
related to newly added web reference.
ie: Dim ws as net.nextmp.

Additional environment info:
Magento ver.
-Magento Core API > WS-I Compliance = Yes
Visual Studio 2010