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Thread: Help installing Powerpacks in VS 2013

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    Exclamation Help installing Powerpacks in VS 2013

    So I'm new to visual studio, im using version 2013 for the class i'm taking, and i noticed that the printform component wasn't in the toolbox, along with all the powerpack tools that my textbook (Meant for 2010) suggests should be there. Powerpack tools are nowhere in the toolbox. Instead of having to download 2010, i wanted to install a plugin for it, so i went to this microsoft link i found by googling, and run an install for the powerpack with the application closed. I reopen the application but it's still not there. When i went to 'add reference' under the project tab, i did a search for 'power' in the assemblies section, and found it. I put a check and ok'd, though it did nothing. What else can I do to have the powerpacks tools in vs2013?

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    Re: Help installing Powerpacks in VS 2013

    Just because you have an assembly on your system doesn't mean that VS knows about it specifically, even if it's in the GAC. Referencing an assembly in a project just tells that project about that assembly. It doesn't alter what's in the VS Toolbox. If you want to alter what's in the Toolbox then that's what you have to do, which you initiate by right-clicking said Toolbox.

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