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Thread: VB 2010 - Detect what webpages are open in IE and Google Chrome.

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    VB 2010 - Detect what webpages are open in IE and Google Chrome.


    I am building an application that is for a school who want another level of security. It will block certain webpages that can be set up by a user. It has to be done at the client end and work in both IE and Google Chrome. I need to know if code exists to determite what URL the webbrowser is at and also code to navigate to a new page. So for example I could write a function that could reroute the page e.g.

    If Chrome.Url.Contains("www.youtube.com/") Then
    End If
    But obviously it would not be code as simple as that.


    - JamesAS

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    Re: VB 2010 - Detect what webpages are open in IE and Google Chrome.

    Security, you say? Don\t you mean a way to stop the little darlings 'enjoying' themselves? This isn't in any way a coding issue. There are several ways of limiting sites that may be visited including Windows own parental control thingy. Additionally you can edit the Hosts file or route the DNS look up through a third party service such as DNSLookup which provides more specific blocking. Guides to all these methods are freely available via you local search engine.
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