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    weather app using feeds from yahoo!

    Hey check it out, I made this app that tracks the weather using live feeds from yahoo. Maybe it can inspire you to make the next great app?
    Oh yeah, I made this video using code from a book called in easy steps.

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    Re: weather app using feeds from yahoo!

    I've made a web widget that use yahoo WOEID with a translated IP to city of the user to show a 3 days weather for it's location. Unfortunately good ol' yahoo decided to make a free WOEID app to a subscription app. So i just gave the finger. Pity though, was a nice asynchronous web service widget that i could demonstrate to clients and incorporate to a website if needed. Yahoo did not warn nobody and decided to give a 404 error on the async calls. That pretty much made me antiYahoo. Ah, Google did the same thing a couple of months before so that pretty much made me antiGoogle also :P
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    Re: weather app using feeds from yahoo!

    Interesting.. Thanks for sharing

    A huge thanks to all the Great Developers and Helpers on vBForums for helping me and many others! Special thanks to Dunfiddlin, Paul, TechnoGome, , JayInThe813, ident for helping me with my projects througout the years. Incl. those i forgot to mention!

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