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Thread: weather app using feeds from yahoo!

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    weather app using feeds from yahoo!

    Hey check it out, I made this app that tracks the weather using live feeds from yahoo. Maybe it can inspire you to make the next great app?
    Oh yeah, I made this video using code from a book called in easy steps.

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    Re: weather app using feeds from yahoo!

    I've made a web widget that use yahoo WOEID with a translated IP to city of the user to show a 3 days weather for it's location. Unfortunately good ol' yahoo decided to make a free WOEID app to a subscription app. So i just gave the finger. Pity though, was a nice asynchronous web service widget that i could demonstrate to clients and incorporate to a website if needed. Yahoo did not warn nobody and decided to give a 404 error on the async calls. That pretty much made me antiYahoo. Ah, Google did the same thing a couple of months before so that pretty much made me antiGoogle also :P
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    Re: weather app using feeds from yahoo!

    Interesting.. Thanks for sharing

    A huge thanks to the Great Devs on vBForums who has been helping others for YEARS, and almost everyday! They make this forum worth visiting over and over again! Special thanks to Dunfiddlin, Paul, TechnoGome, , JayInThe813, ident and those I forgot to mention!

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