I am an independent contracter and receive emails from the companies that contract me as mass email blasts. The first contractor to click the "accept" link within the email gets the job. It's tough, because the email goes out to many contractors all at once.
I'm pretty sure that outlook can do this, and if anyone here can help me get this done I'll gladly pay you. It needs to:
1. Screen for the email addresses that send out the mass emails (basically 3 different ones)
Scanning for the type of work. Always stated right after the same leading word.
Scanning for the number of hours. Always stated right after the same leading word.
2. Click the link - link appears like this: https://www.contractdealer.dk/Alloca...63e6dd&what=OK
All my contracts come from the same contractdealer. So the initial start of the link is always the same, just the hash tag is different each time. My idea was to have it screen the links for " AllocationAccept.php" and click that link, but don't really care how it works.
I am only certified to carry out a part of the offered contracts, so point 1 has to work also.

A more advance version would allow for it to:
1. screen for type of appraisal - for example look for text "enterprise", "number of estimated hours: 100Ē to allow me to pick and choose the orders myself. I would really prefer to only enter contracts with a large estimated hours.

2. restrict the number of times it clicks accept each day - or it's possible I will accept too much work to possibly complete

This should be helpful to the programmer:
Search the HTMLBody property of the message for links that fit your criteria. You can use regular expressions, see the links on the VBScript page at left. Or, if they make your brain hurt, use standard text parsing functions like Instr() and Mid().
Right now I am using Gmail as my email account, but I can change to any email account preferred (E.g. Outlook).
If you advice me to switch to Outlook, you might find this helpful:
Once you get the link text, invoke either the IE or Outlook browser, using the syntax described at http://www.outlookcode.com/d/tips/formhyperlink.htm
I would like this completed ASAP - Please PM me a time frame & amount you would like to be paid for completion of this project.
I'm sure this is an easy job for someone familiar with VB, but I am not that guy.
Iím also pretty sure an application might already has been developed ready to use. I simply donít have the time to search the net for it. If you know of en existing application fulfilling my needs, please let me know.