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    Computer player card game help.

    I have been looking on the web for some examples of how to create computer players for a card game I made. I have no idea what this is called code wise etc. Can someone point me in the right direction to get me started or if you have some code examples etc.

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    Re: Computer player card game help.

    I don't think anybody is capable of providing an example when we don't know what this card game is about. You'll have to simulate AI, which can be easy to difficult depending on the game logic. In most cases you can get away with just using random generated values, but for AI that seems to "think" a little more, you'll have to generate a range of possibilities and determine the most appropriate.
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    Re: Computer player card game help.

    set up the concrete rules for your game and describe the effects for all of the cards you want to place in the game.

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    Re: Computer player card game help.

    Do you have a zip file for this

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    Re: Computer player card game help.

    There is an idea I have what you can do with the computer AI. Don't just make it completely random, but rather instead have a dice rolling mechanism from 1-100 to determine what actions he must do in the card game. This will allow difficulty to come into play because you can change the range of the actions. For example, lets say if the game is blackjack. If the computer has a hand that adds up to 16, the computer rolls to dice to make a decision internally. If the results of the dice falls between 40-100, the computer will take a chance and hit. Else the computer will stand. You can change the range depending on the card results. And make changes if you decide to add difficulty later on. Hope this helps

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