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    Programmer Here!

    Cover Letter -
    I would like to express my interest any programming opportunity. Whether the opportunity is a small, medium, or large project; I feel as though I'm up for the job. I believe that I would make a great worker due to my experience and vast knowledge of computer programming.

    The characteristics that best describe me are:
    1. Self motivating
    2. A constant need for knowledge
    3. Team worker

    I am also a very active member as well as a super moderator here on vbforums. I get to help out other members here with any problems that they may have. It is very rewarding to be able to walk through with someone through the errors, and get them to understand through self realization how or why the error may have occurred. From there I get to present options on how to correct those errors. The whole process is just very rewarding.

    I would also like to mention that I've been doing a lot of work with XNA in Visual Basic.Net with windows form applications. This is an accomplishment that I really like to boast about. The reason is because of the lack of documentation. Not only is documentation for XNA poorly documented, but finding anything to do with Visual Basic.Net is almost impossible. Not to mention that I can count the amount of documentation I've see of work with XNA in windows form applications on one hand.

    I hope that this taste of me has at least peaked y'all's interested enough to contact me.

    Resume -
    Name: David D Day
    Location: Louisiana Resident
    Email: david_d_day at outlook dot com

    Date Description
    October of 2013 Created my own website to display a bit of my Visual Basic.net skills. http://ddaysnippet.netai.net/home.html
    March of 2012 Created a data management program for a local insurance company to properly handle brokered homeowners policies and customers, written in Visual Basic.Net.
    December of 2013 Created my own fan website for the MMORPG Tibia. http://swordoffury.webatu.com/home.html
    February of 2014 Created a software that manages cooking recipes written in VB.Net for RohanAlex.
    February of 2014 Created a Visual Basic.Net tutorial website. http://vbprogramming.host22.com/
    May of 2015 Completed a database management system for a computer company based out of California

    Proficient Programming Languages/Frameworks - Visual Basic.Net, C#, XNA, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LUA
    Languages Currently Studying - C++, PHP

    Contact Me -
    The best way to contact me is via a private message, however if you prefer to email me at the email in my resume... that's fine also.
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