Hello Forum,

I have not found a post or solution to my query as follows:

I have numerous table in my workbook.

Form called Data_Tables_Selection

This form will have numerous option buttons. I need the option button to load a combo box or list box, Then fill the row source with the Table designated by that option button click event. When a selection is clicked on the list, go to that table range which is on Data_Tables sheet.

Would also like to be able to edit the table, add to the table, then sort the table after the edit. This would need to be variable depending on the table selected.

What solution/s are there for this. I guess that using one combo box called tempcombo so it is dynamic and refereed to in the code for each option button is the key. I will have the properties of the combo box set to visible = false so it only appears when the option button is clicked.

Thanks for any assistance provided.