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Thread: loop action

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    loop action

    I have a project that executes something at form_load, then 60 seconds later the project closes itself with the "unload me" command in timer section.

    I want to make a variation where upon form load, it repeats the action every 10 minutes non-stop until I terminate the executable.

    I want something like this:

    - open the form
    - loop the next two actions indefinetely
    - run the task
    - count 15 minutes

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    Re: loop action

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    Re: loop action

    What actions do you to preform in the loops and what task do you want to run? Also, should it be 10 minutes not 15 minutes?
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    Re: loop action

    So place the code you want to repeat in a sub routine
    Call the sub routine from form load
    Use a timer to call the sub routine in the tick event when the time is up
    You will need a counter var to keep track of how many times the timer fires so you can get the timing right as a timer does not go that high or you can use the clock to check in the timer event to see if the desired amount of time has passed then call the sub routine

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