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Thread: I Want To Add SQL Server 2005 Express To Setup Factory

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    I Want To Add SQL Server 2005 Express To Setup Factory

    I have limited knowledge with MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition however i have rewritten my application to use it as a data source rather than MS Access 2000. the problem is in my install package. what i desire is for my installer to detect the presence of MS SQL Server or any of the free versions of SQL server that microsoft has and if it finds it, then create my database and fields along with the required username and password. if MS SQL server isn't found then my installer should install MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and create the database, fields and username/password. I'm not really needing an "application", but simply an installer answer. I already have the application and the installer for that. i just need the code necessary to detect and or install sql server and my database. the installer software i use is indigo rose setup factory 7 which has it's own scripting engine based on the popular LUA language.

    what i would like is for someone to create an installer package with any generic simple application like "hello world" and include the database requirements i'm looking for. or, if it can be done without any actual application in the install then great. of course it would be nice if it was done in setup factory, however anything i could get and use in setup factory will work. the database you use can just be a few fields, something simple. i just need the basic idea and code for this and can modify myself. I plan to include sql server 2005 express edition in my application setup.


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    Re: I Want To Add SQL Server 2005 Express To Setup Factory

    Well you failed to mention what installer you're using.

    If you're using the Click-Once method...
    Go to your project properties screen (select the project in the Solution Explorer and press Alt+Enter to open it) ... select the "Publish" tab... click the Prerequisites button... find the proper version of SQL Server you want to have included... select any others as needed, then select what kind of installation option do you want... OK. Save. Done....

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    Re: I Want To Add SQL Server 2005 Express To Setup Factory

    Well since you are using Setup factory [which has nothing at all to do with VB] your question should not be in the VB6 section.

    I'm not sure you are even allowed to include SQL Express in your install package and I do not use Setup Factory so have no idea how you would need to script it to do what you ask.

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