I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me out with some code for this super fast image changing thingy I'm doing. I want to use it to do my own animated cartoon stuff with V.B. as the player. Sorta like a vb flip-book

Okie...so I've made a form that is 909px wide & 909px tall. With 1 picture box that is 900 by 900px..., 1 timer.... 1 button called "Select_Folder_Btn" .... 1 button called "Start_Btn"

Here's what I want it to do... I want to be able to select a folder on my pc... the program should automatically display every jpeg / jpg / gif / png (from the folder) in the image box, with a 100ms pause between each photo.

When it reach's the end of files to display...it will just loop from the start all over again :blush