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    Question How does the PM system works?


    I'm running a forum on vB 3, I want to add a button to each profile that refers to a page where the names (user IDs) are automatic filled in, with a part of the content in the message.

    Is it even possible?
    It's not making progress that well,
    I use a button with currently just this code.

    <input type="hidden" name="forward" value="0">
    <input type="submit" class="button" name="sbutton" id="vB_Editor_001_save" value="Submit Report" accesskey="s" tabindex="1">
    What do I need to do yet?
    Do I need an URL with the multiple ID's of people in one URL?
    Do I need databases?
    Do I use to easy/hard methods?

    All information how to do this is welcome!
    The more the better!

    Thank you very, very much for helping!!!

    Thanks for reading,


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    Re: How does the PM system works?

    Welcome to VBForums

    You seem to have picked the wrong site... this place is for Visual Basic, not vBulletin (which is what you seem to want),

    I have moved this thread from our Database Development forum to our General Developer forum (which is probably the most apt sub-forum we've got), but I suspect your are much more likely to get an answer from a site that deals with vBulletin.

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