I am new to VB programming and I have got a project to create a Text Editor and add Spell Check feature to it .
I have tried a lot and created a Text Editor successfully but the thing is i dont know how to add spell check feature to the rich text box (as to create a document we have to use rich text box control ). I have googled it but all i can get is spell check to the text box and not for the rich text box. And I have also googled on base of predictive text input method but nothing I can get . I am struggling a lot to finish it . so plz help me !!!

I know the steps to add spell check (but i dont know how to code it ). The steps are ,

step-1: Parse the document in rich text box to words and store it in a variable.
step-2: Connect a database or any text document (that serves as a dictionary) and provide lookup mechanism to search for the spelling of the word.
step-3: If any mismatch happens, underline or highlight the misspelt word.
step-4: Provide suggestion words to user and if user wants add the misspelt word to dictionary.

My editor's detail:

Richtextbox control name is Document
vb version : Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, .net framework version: 3.5 sp1

Please provide me coding with clear explanation pls help me !!! pls !!!. Thanks in advance .