Making a .net version of an old vb6 screensaver.

Ive got an old vb6 project that builds a screensaver. Its simply a form that fills the display. The form has a webbrowser control which loads a html file that is located on a shared folder on a local network drive.

The screensaver is configured in the registry Users> .Default>ControlPanel>Desktop so that it comes on as the pre login screensaver. ie before any user logs in.

This has worked for 10 years or more on XP maxhines.

I'm now making a .net version of that.

On a windows 7 computer If the user is logged in and the screensaver comes on through inactivity then it works just fine. If the user is not logged on then the screensaver comes on but it doesnt load the html page.

I'm assuming this is some kind of security issue in win7.

So, i'm looking for alternative suggestions. I'd really like to show the html document in the screensaver but i'm open to other suggestions. Its a just a simple html page with table showing colored text in columns and rows. There's no hyperlinks or any active content. The html is generated by a different process running on a different device so if i switch to using something else then I'll need to rewrite that other process as well so a solution that can use the current html document is my preferred solution.

But all suggestions are appreciated.