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    [VB6]P-Code Extractor Guide and learning about PCode, etc


    I found a couple of useful sites which, can help explain PCode, Native Code, etc for the novice (such as myself).

    I found a pdf VISUAL BASIC REVERSED - A decompiling approach which covers the ins and outs of a small VB6 project.


    A useful add-in for the VB6 IDE P-Code Extractor Guide. (See Attachment removed the dll)


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    Re: [VB6]P-Code Extractor Guide and learning about PCode, etc


    Could you help me,

    I cant understand, what is the output of this function.

    Public Function GetDiskVolume(strDiskName) '4316A0
    loc_004316D7: var_eax = arg_8.AddRef 'Ignore this
    loc_00431742: call __vbaFixstrConstruct(00000100h, var_28, __vbaFixstrConstruct, esi, ebx)
    loc_0043174D: call __vbaFixstrConstruct(00000100h, var_2C)
    loc_00431762: var_A0 = ":\"
    loc_004317BF: var_eax = GetVolumeInformation(CStr(strDiskName & ":\"), var_28, 256, var_40, var_20, var_24, var_2C, 256)
    loc_004317E0: call __vbaLsetFixstr(esi, var_28, var_4C)
    loc_004317F6: call __vbaLsetFixstr(esi, var_2C, var_54)
    loc_00431822: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVar
    loc_0043182B: If var_40 = 0 Then
    loc_00431835: var_1C = vbNullString
    loc_0043183B: GoTo loc_004319CA
    loc_00431840: End If
    loc_0043184E: var_A0 = var_40
    loc_0043187B: var_1C = Hex(var_40)
    loc_00431880: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVar
    loc_004318BC: 00000008h = 00000008h - Len(var_1C)
    loc_004318C1: If Err.Number <> 0 Then GoTo loc_00431A74
    loc_004318C9: var_78 = String(8, var_68)
    loc_004318D5: var_B0 = var_1C
    loc_004318F4: var_88 = var_78 & var_1C
    loc_004318FE: var_1C = var_88
    loc_00431911: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVarList(00000003, var_68, var_78, var_88)
    loc_0043192A: var_A0 = var_1C
    loc_0043193A: var_68 = Left(var_1C, 4)
    loc_00431967: var_C0 = var_1C
    loc_00431977: var_88 = Right(var_1C, 4)
    loc_0043198C: var_78 = var_68 & &H41AD7C
    loc_0043199D: var_98 = var_78 & var_88
    loc_004319A7: var_1C = var_98
    loc_004319C1: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVarList(00000004, var_68, var_78, var_88, var_98)
    loc_004319CA: 'Referenced from: 0043183B
    loc_004319D0: var_18 = var_1C
    loc_004319DB: GoTo loc_00431A2E
    loc_004319E1: If var_4 Then
    loc_004319EC: End If
    loc_00431A24: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVarList(00000004, var_68, var_78, var_88, var_98, var_00431A4D)
    loc_00431A2D: Exit Sub
    loc_00431A2E: 'Referenced from: 004319DB
    loc_00431A46: call undef 'Ignore this '__vbaFreeVar
    End Function

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