This does not help much toward a VB7 but it may provide a new native home for VB6. I mentioned ReactOS in an earlier post but then it was truly in its infancy. 0.4.8 has just been released, it is still very much alpha-grade o/s that should only be run in a VM but it now installs and runs VB5, which you can see in the forum post here:


Hopefully, we can test VB6 next and pray the result will be as positive. ReactOS being based upon Windows server 2003 will be a natural and familiar home for VB5/6 development and not being from Microsoft, forced obsolescence will not be part of the culture. ReactOS and VB6 are made for each other it is just a pity that ReactOS is written C, C++ and that you can't as easily contribute...

Long live VB6!