Hi, I've been stuck on this problem for over two days now and I haven't been able to find an answer. When I dynamically create a new tab, I create another tab control inside the tab, then I create group boxes inside the new tab, and then different controls within the group boxes. For some reason the tab control and group boxes oversize larger than the form. The properties of the controls are assigned anchor styles during run time. From what I can tell it's some sort of glitch/error in VB.NET and can't be fixed. Does anyone know any way around the problem? I've included source code from an example project and also attached links to screen shots and the example project if you want to download it and troubleshoot. The reason why I created the example project is because it's similar to what I'm doing in another project. Thanks go out to anyone who can help.

Project Source Code - Zip File

Screen Shot - Maximized - Should Look like this

Screen Shot - Maximized - Controls are too big after being created

Screen Shot - Normal View - Should Look like this

Screen Shot - Normal View - Controls are too big after being created