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    Sending small segments of bytes to the waveOut API

    I have an array full of sound data. Actually, it's 612000 bytes of sound data for this particular file that I loaded into a byte array

    How can I play small segments of this wave file at a time?

    I know I can send the entire 612000 bytes to the waveOutwrite API and it will play the entire sound file. No problem there. But let's say I want to only send a few at a time, like 3000 bytes or whatever at a time. So, how do I make a loop that pulls 3000 bytes out of the 612000 byte array, sends those bytes to the play API and continue on in the loop until I have sent all 612000 bytes?

    Anything I post is an example only and is not intended to be the only solution, the total solution nor the final solution to your request nor do I claim that it is. If you find it useful then it is entirely up to you to make whatever changes necessary you feel are adequate for your purposes.

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    Re: Sending small segments of bytes to the waveOut API

    Here's something you could play with
    Private Const SOUND_CHUNK As Long = 3000    ' Number of bytes to send
    Private Sub SendSoundChunks(bytSound() As Byte)
    Dim lngFullBuff As Long
    Dim lngPartBuff As Long
    Dim lngStartByte As Long
    Dim lngEndByte As Long
    Dim lngCount As Long
    Dim lngI As Long
    Dim lngJ As Long
    Dim lngK As Long
    Dim bytToSend() As Byte
    lngCount = UBound(bytSound) + 1
    lngFullBuff = lngCount \ SOUND_CHUNK        'Number of full 'chunks'
    lngPartBuff = lngCount Mod SOUND_CHUNK      'Remaining bytes
    lngStartByte = 0                            'First element to copy
    lngEndByte = lngStartByte + SOUND_CHUNK - 1 'Last element to copy
    ReDim bytToSend(SOUND_CHUNK - 1)            'Size the 'buffer' array
    ' Send lngFullBuff number of 'chunks'
    ' by copying data from the original array to a 'buffer' array
    For lngI = 1 To lngFullBuff
        lngK = 0
        For lngJ = lngStartByte To lngEndByte
            bytToSend(lngK) = bytSound(lngJ)
            lngK = lngK + 1
        Next lngJ
        'here you'd send bytToSend to waveout
        lngStartByte = lngEndByte + 1
        lngEndByte = lngStartByte + SOUND_CHUNK - 1
    Next lngI
    'Now send the remaining bytes
    '(if there are any)
    If lngPartBuff > 0 Then
        ReDim bytToSend(lngPartBuff - 1)
        lngEndByte = UBound(bytSound)
        lngK = 0
        For lngI = lngStartByte To lngEndByte
            bytToSend(lngK) = bytSound(lngI)
            lngK = lngK + 1
        Next lngI
        'here you'd send bytToSend to waveout
    End If
    End Sub
    Not the most efficient but perhaps the technique will give you some ideas.

    I suspect that lngK could be derived from lngI ,lngJ and SOUND_CHUNK and CopyMemory may be quicker than copying the arrray elements in a loop.

    The principle used is to calculate the number of full 'buffers' (lngFullBuff) of the 'chunk' size required (SOUND_CHUNK) and any remaining bytes (lngPartBuff), send lngFullBuff of 'chunks' and then send lngPartBuff bytes.
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    Re: Sending small segments of bytes to the waveOut API

    Looks easy enough. Am I missing something?

    Private Sub PretendAPI(ByVal Pointer As Long, ByVal Bytes As Long)
        Log "@ " & CStr(Pointer) & " for " & CStr(Bytes) & " bytes"
    End Sub
    Private Sub ChunkBuff(ByRef Buffer() As Byte)
        Const CHUNK As Long = 3000
        Dim ChunkStart As Long
        Dim Bytes As Long
        Dim NewBytes As Long
        Log "Buffer length is " & CStr(UBound(Buffer) + 1) & " bytes"
        Bytes = CHUNK
        For ChunkStart = 0 To UBound(Buffer) Step CHUNK
            NewBytes = UBound(Buffer) - ChunkStart + 1
            If NewBytes < CHUNK Then Bytes = NewBytes
            PretendAPI VarPtr(Buffer(ChunkStart)), Bytes
    End Sub
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