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Thread: DAO/ADO Microsoft Excel 2007 Help

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    DAO/ADO Microsoft Excel 2007 Help


    I'm majoring in chemical engineering, so sorry if I get any information wrong. I know a bit about computers and coding, but I know absolutely nothing about databases.

    I am using DAO code (pretty sure) to connect to a SQL database from my Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA program. I think the data base is Microsoft Access but I'm not sure. The data is taken from a controls system in a chemical plant.

    This code was written ages ago to pull data from the control system and put it a spreadsheet for engineers to look at. It works fine on a windows XP machine, but we need to upgrade to W7. When I run the code I get:

    Runtime error 3633 cannot load MSRDO20.dll
    I tried adding the .dll file and referencing it, but had no luck.
    From what I've read DAO is obsolete and I will need to update the code to use ADO. Do you know an easy work around updating all of the code or a reference on how to transition from DAO to ADO?
    I can post more code if needed.

    Here's my code:
    VB Code:
    Function get_autoload_data() As Boolean
    Dim dbsLink As Database
    Dim rstShipmentData As Recordset
    Dim wrkODBC As Workspace
    Dim SQLQuery As String
    Dim Day_Start As Date
    Dim Day_End As Date
    Dim dead_ans As Integer
    Workbooks("fakename.xls").Sheets("Autoload Data").Range("a6").Value = "Not Available"
    Workbooks("fakename.xls").Sheets("Autoload Data").Range("a10").Value = "Not Available"
    Workbooks("fakename.xls").Sheets("Autoload Data").Range("a14").Value = "Not Available"
    Day_Start = Workbooks("fakename.xls").Sheets("Autoload Data").Range("b2").Value
    Day_End = Workbooks("fakename.xls").Sheets("Autoload Data").Range("b3").Value
    ' Open MS Jet Workspace
    Set wrkODBC = CreateWorkspace("ODBCWorkspace", "admin", "", dbUseODBC)
    ' Open a database
    On Error Resume Next
    Set dbsLink = wrkODBC.OpenDatabase("WINNIE", dbDriverNoPrompt, True, _
    Thank you,

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    Re: DAO/ADO Microsoft Excel 2007 Help

    I've been reading more and figured out what my connection string is. Can anyone help me with updating the ODBC syntax to ADO?


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