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    Question How to detect a running application (VB6)

    Hi everybody. I'm modifying an old Visual Basic 6.0 application and I need a process that verify if the application is already running. This proceess must prevent the application being running twice in a machine. I undertand that I must use API Functions but I don't find the adecuate. Could anybody could help me?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: How to detect a running application (VB6)

    On Local Error Resume Next: If Not Empty Is Nothing Then Do While Null: ReDim i(True To False) As Currency: Loop: Else Debug.Assert CCur(CLng(CInt(CBool(False Imp True Xor False Eqv True)))): Stop: On Local Error GoTo 0
    Declare Sub CrashVB Lib "msvbvm60" (Optional DontPassMe As Any)

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