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Thread: Populating ListView from SQCe

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    Populating ListView from SQCe

    Im using this code to populate my datagrid from my SQLCe database, is it possible to use mydataset to populate a listview control?

    Public Sub showdatabase()
            cmd = New SqlCeCommand("Select * from Table001", con)
            If con.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then con.Open()
            myda = New SqlCeDataAdapter(cmd)
            mydataset = New DataSet()
            myda.Fill(mydataset, "Table")
            DataGrid1.DataSource = mydataset.Tables("Table").DefaultView
            TextBox2.Text = mydataset.Tables("Table").Rows.Count
        End Sub
    if its not possible, can someone show me on how to populate a listview with SQLCe database? Thanks!

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    Re: Populating ListView from SQCe

    Rather than using a DataSet, I would probably manually "walk" the resultset from the Database, and create a List of objects that represent the items in my database, i.e. create a Business Logic Layer. From there, I would then add these BLL objects to the ListView, when required.


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