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Thread: jQuery screen updates work in FF, not in IE, Chrome

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    jQuery screen updates work in FF, not in IE, Chrome

    I'm not much of a front end developer and made up the following as I went along, but work in FF, and realized in IE and Chrome, the screen just "freeze".
    However in FireFox, for each record that get processed , the progress bar update nicely and each row have a cell which I update with an icon.

    Guess better to just post my code, hoping it make sense?

    Oh, before this I build up a table of all records, give the first one a class name of "recordRow" and data-id of the record's id.
    So the code loop over all records, and call a server side method that process the record and return a empty string (success) or error.
    Note this all work in all browsers...it's just the screen seems to "freeze" (not updating the progress bar or anything)....Fine in Firefox..oh I said that... (late here)

    HTML Code:
    $('#btnImport').on('click', function(event) {
    	var total = $('.recordRow').length;
    	var current = 0;	
    	var url = '/Portal/Admin/MemberImport/ImportRecord';
    	$('.recordRow').each(function() {
    		var id = $(this).data("id");
    		$('#progressBar').width(current / total * 100 + '%');
    		var cell = $(this);
    		var row = cell.closest('tr');
    		cell.html('<i class="icon icon-refresh"></i>');
    		var model = {
    			Id: id
    			url: url,
    			type: 'GET',
    			data: model,
    			dataType: 'json',
    			async: false
    		}).done(function(data) {
    			if (data == '') {
    				cell.html('<i class="icon icon-ok"></i>');
    				$('#tblRecords tr[data-id="'+id+'"]').addClass('info');
    			} else {
    				cell.html('<a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="right"  class="tip" title="' + data + '"><i class="icon icon-remove"></i></a>');
    	alert("Import Complete. It would be best to delete the batch file now.");
    UPDATE: I just realized if I add a .always to the ajax call and put an alert in there, IE show the alert and update the screen.
    I tried set cache to false, but still no joy.
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    Re: jQuery screen updates work in FF, not in IE, Chrome

    Sorry for the late response - did you get this working?

    Are you able to use a debugger in IE or Chrome - you could set breakpoints and see what's going on in further detail

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