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Thread: Ignore list

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    Ignore list

    There is a certain user on this forum that annoys me to no end, so I've added that user to the 'ignore list'.

    But I've noticed that I'm still tempted to click the 'view post' link, and that the replacing 'post' that appears instead of the actual post still pisses me off. Could the ignore function be configured to actually completely hide posts? I mean if I have someone on my ignore list, it's completely irrelevant information to be informed that that user has made a post at that location.

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    Re: Ignore list

    I have had the same urge to click the "Latest Posts" link too when I have encounter posts by users on my ignore list! I guess what the forum needs is a "Ignore User" feature or the profile details, etc as well.
    when you quote a post could you please do it via the "Reply With Quote" button or if it multiple post click the "''+" button then "Reply With Quote" button.
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    Re: Ignore list

    so if the user was on ignore dont show his post or dont show his thread..everytime anyone refreshing the froum a query will run to check the ignore list if user have ignored someone get the id of the ignored user now check every thread and see if the user start it if the user did start it then dont show it for the guy that ignored him, same with the posts... its kinda makes the forum heavy
    , but i rather to don't receive any PM from him, that would be enough in my opinion.

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    Re: Ignore list

    Pretty certain the ignore function can't be tweaked to totally ignore...

    However, there are medications that can probably help the urge to look

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