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Thread: Login Form Code

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    Resolved Login Form Code

    I did a search for it and i didn't find anything so i decided to write this piece of code and hope that it would help some people

    the index is for login and it use session so if the user is logged in it wont show the login box anymore
    the register part will check for the user exist first and then if the two password boxes are equal it will insert it into database

    if you have any suggestion or question don't hesitate
    just to remind you , you have to change the connect.inc.php to your own sql host , user ,password and database

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    Re: Login Form Code

    Avoid those mysql_* functions. Because they are already depreciated!
    If someone told you that the water in a particular glass is contaminated, do you still try to drink it? No!
    Don't tell me that you are going to filter it and drink it.

    So, use PDO or mysqli instead of the legacy mysql functions.

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    Re: Login Form Code

    i was going to use sqli but i wanted to be old school but yeah the right 1 is sqli

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    Re: Login Form Code

    Do you know how to connect a login form to a mongodb database?

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