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    Set BGColor from VB Code Behind Based on sqlDatasources

    Can someone help me to set the bgcolor of an asp.net cell from code behind using a value from a sqldatasource?

    I have a working sql data source that is used to populate labels in my html form using asp.net.

    The background color of the cell depends on a comparison of the actual value versus the target value. If the actual daily value exceeds the limit I would like to change the bgcolor of a cell in the web page. The actual value comes from one datasource and the limit comes from a 2nd data source.

    In vb code behind I would like to accomplish the following pseudo code:

    If (sqlsource1Total > sqlsource2Limit) Then
    bgXCell.BgColor = "#ccff99"
    bgXCell.BgColor = "#ff9999"
    End If

    Can someone show an example of how to code this?

    Thank You

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    Re: Set BGColor from VB Code Behind Based on sqlDatasources

    rowdatabound event


    protected void GridView1_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
        if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)
            if ((Label)e.Row.Cells[0].FindControl("ValueHoldingControl").Text == "ABC")
                //Coloring the cell
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    Re: Set BGColor from VB Code Behind Based on sqlDatasources

    Hello egglebl,

    Welcome to the Forums!!

    Hopefully the above will help you, but I just wanted to say one thing...

    Although a SqlDataSource will get you up and running quite quickly, it is not referred to as a "Best Practice". Using this control closely couples your User Interface with your Database, and as such, should be avoided. The preference would be to use a segregated architecture, where your UI code is separate from your business logic, and your business logic separate from your database.


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    Re: Set BGColor from VB Code Behind Based on sqlDatasources

    Gary (GEP13) - Excellent point! Thank you for that suggestion, it makes perfect sense.


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