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Thread: HTML 4 & HTMl 5

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    Recently, I have heard about HTML 5 from one of my friend. I am not understanding why HTML has changed version. What is the difference between HTML 4 & HTML 5? Is there any new features in HTML 5? Please inform me. I Googled but not understood. Describe the details here in an easy way.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: HTML 4 & HTMl 5

    well every new version got some things fixed and some things removed that you have to findout, i cant say all the new things in html 5 but imma just explain it so basically HTML5 is the new standard and everything that html 5 got is supported by the most browsers.
    means like in html 5 No More <frame>, <center>, <big>, if you use them and use w3c for html5 validation you see some errors , its outdate , useless
    theres new elements like <canvas> and other things that is new in html 5 or has been kicked from the code
    my opinion : stop using those codes that has been kicked from html 5 and stick to the new style of coding like dont use <b> <font> , use the css instead, btw theres a lots of links about it
    you said you googled but im gonna link this anyway : http://www.w3.org/TR/html5-diff/
    hope it helped

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    Re: HTML 4 & HTMl 5

    HTML 4 and HTML 5 both are good on their way because once side we have some new tags and attributes in HTML 5 and another side we face problems in responsive design in HTML 5.

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    Re: HTML 4 & HTMl 5

    HTML 4 and HTML 5
    The html 5 syntax is simple to compare than the html 4 . The html 5 is different new tag introduced in current version whereas i not in the html 4.Html 5 the added to the Geographical location tag, media tag in which conduct of audio,video,track,embed,source. The Html 5 removes the many tag there the use in html 4
    <applet>removes<object> Added in html 5
    <acronym>removes<abbr> Added in html 5

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    Re: HTML 4 & HTMl 5

    Every version has come with some additional features. There are some major changes like, HTML5 contains built in support for integrated multimedia files into web page via video and audio tags. Previously, in HTML4, the multimedia content was integrated in web pages via third party plugins such as Silverlight and flash.Several tags in HTML4 have been removed from HTML5 or their functionality has been modified.

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