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Thread: Class Functions

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    Class Functions

    So my assignment this week seems fairly easy. We have to create a cash register that adds and subtract from the balance and doesn't permit negative amounts. We aso have to use a class called CashRegister.
    Here is what it looks like:
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    Here is my code:
    Public Class frmRegister
    Dim Register As CashRegister
    Structure Total
    Dim Amount As Double
    Dim Balance As Double
    End Structure

    Class CashRegister
    Private crAmount As Integer
    Private crBalance As Integer

    Public Property Amount As Double
    Return crAmount
    End Get
    Set(ByVal value As Double)
    crAmount = value
    End Set
    End Property

    Public Property Balance As Double
    Return crBalance
    End Get
    Set(ByVal value As Double)
    crBalance = value
    End Set
    End Property

    Function amtAdd() As Double
    Dim amt As Double
    amt = crBalance + crAmount
    Return amt
    End Function

    Function amtSub() As Double
    Dim asub As Double
    asub = crBalance - crAmount
    Return asub
    End Function
    End Class

    Private Sub btnAdd_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAdd.Click
    Register.Amount = CDbl(txtAmount.Text)
    txtBalance.Text = Register.amtAdd
    End Sub

    Private Sub btnSubtract_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSubtract.Click
    Register.Amount = CDbl(txtAmount.Text)
    txtBalance.Text = Register.amtSub
    If txtBalance.Text < 0 Then
    MessageBox.Show("Transaction Cannot Result in Negative Balance!")
    End If
    End Sub
    End Class

    Now everything seems fine and dandy until I actually run it. Then for the both the buttons the line "Register.Amount = CDbl(txtAmount.Text)" gives me the message "Null Reference Exception was Unhandled." What am I doing wrong? Also, would I start the txtBalance.Text on zero?

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    Re: Class Functions

    First things first, please wrap your code snippets in formatting tags. There is a button for each on the advanced editor or you can type [code][/code] or [highlight=vb.net][/highlight] yourself.

    As for the issue, you never actually create a CashRegister object and assign it to your Register variable. You can't set the Amount property of an object that doesn't exist.

    By the way, variables should start with a lower-case letter. Upper-case is used for types, methods and properties most other things too.
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