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    Resolved [RESOLVED] FtpGetFile - download, but...

    Hello all.

    I have problem with FtpGetFile. The code below works - file is downloaded, but...

    Original file looks like this (CSV with Tab):

    2012-09-21 02:46:20 -0,16 -0,03 -0,08 0,01
    2012-09-21 02:46:30 -0,16 -0,03 -0,07 0,01
    2012-09-21 02:46:40 -0,16 -0,03 -0,07 0,01
    2012-09-21 02:46:50 -0,16 -0,03 -0,07 0,01

    After download look like this:

    2012-09-21 02:46:20 -0,16 -0,03 -0,08 0,01ഀഀ2012-09-21 02:46:30 -0,16 -0,03 -0,07 0,01ഀഀ2012-09-21 02:46:40 -0,16 -0,03 -0,07 0,01ഀഀ2012-09-21 02:46:50 -0,16 -0,03 -0,07 0,01

    The code:
    hInternet = InternetOpen("FTPTransfer", INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT, vbNullString, vbNullString, INTERNET_FLAG_NO_CACHE_WRITE)
    hConnect = InternetConnect(hInternet, sServerName, sFtpPort, sFtpUserName, sFtpPassword, INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP, INTERNET_FLAG_EXISTING_CONNECT Or INTERNET_FLAG_PASSIVE, &H0)
    bRet = FtpGetFile(hConnect, FtpFile, LocalFile, False, INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD, &H1, &H0)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Re: FtpGetFile - download, but...

    It looks like you've interchanged the dwFlagsAndAttributes and dwFlags arguments. Refer to the FtpGetFile function for the proper syntax.
    On Local Error Resume Next: If Not Empty Is Nothing Then Do While Null: ReDim i(True To False) As Currency: Loop: Else Debug.Assert CCur(CLng(CInt(CBool(False Imp True Xor False Eqv True)))): Stop: On Local Error GoTo 0
    Declare Sub CrashVB Lib "msvbvm60" (Optional DontPassMe As Any)

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    Re: FtpGetFile - download, but...

    Downloaded data looks OK to me. What's the problem? It's the same data, it's just all in one line of data which includes vbNewLine codes.

    Anything I post is an example only and is not intended to be the only solution, the total solution nor the final solution to your request nor do I claim that it is. If you find it useful then it is entirely up to you to make whatever changes necessary you feel are adequate for your purposes.

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    Re: FtpGetFile - download, but...

    Thank you Bonnie West.

    bRet = FtpGetFile(hConnect, FtpFile, LocalFile, False, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD, &H0)

    and work.

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