Hi folks!

I'm on the crossroad in choosing the technologies for the development of one new project.
I have to use one 3D body model made by 3D Studio Max (3ds file format). It has to be displayed in WPF container which will allow body object rotation, scaling, zooming and all other usual functions needed to see a 3D object from each side. This WPF container is actually a WPF user control.
Another requirement is that the user must be able to put points (or some other pin-like markers) using the mouse during rotation and preview on the dummy's surface.
Some people suggested using XNA. The XNA is supported mostly by C#, and VB is only partly supported. I don't care about this differences, I prefer VB (anyway, I'm not going to compile an application for XBox) when possible.

I have no any idea how to put all these things together. Does WPF support the 3ds file format anyway? Or maybe has to be converted into some other appropriate format?

Advices, suggestions, samples, any starting point will be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,