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Thread: IP Cameras / Home Security

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    IP Cameras / Home Security

    A little bit of background:

    We have employed a maidservent who stays with my elderly mom from morning till evening. And you must have guessed by now we suspect her to be pocketing things. That started me thinking in the direction of setting up a basic home surveillance system using an IP cam.

    The infra: I already have two broadband connections and two wireless routers, a desktop lying idle and two laptops and countless (actually around three to four) mobile cameras running Symbian and Android.

    Requirement: A basic camera setup which will capture a wide angle so as to cover as much area as possible, and spy on the goings on in the house, without affecting the privacy of the occupants.

    I checked out Logitech, and they seem to have an indoor camera / software for $300. Are there any other options? Being able to access the camera feeds over the net would be really cool, and since we have two broadband connections, it shouldn't be too much trouble, really.
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    Re: IP Cameras / Home Security

    My folks have a system from GeoVision (http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/index.asp). I think it has an option to broadcast but they don't use it. It's just connected to a always-on computer and record everything. The system detects movement so it only records when there is something happening. But that might be too much if you're just looking to catch someone in the act. You can probably do with just the simples $15 webcam connected to a computer that's on. A friend of mine had one that even came with similar software that detected movement in the video and recorded only then, even had actions on it to notify you by mail when it happens.

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    Re: IP Cameras / Home Security

    The sarcastic badger!

    Not sure about the pricing, but I've heard good stories about Ubiquiti airVision.
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    Re: IP Cameras / Home Security

    These are good IP Cameras. They have their own web interface and can be accessed from anywhere. I currently have two setup in my house. I also used API to show both of the webcam feeds on a single page on my website (on a private page) so i can view them simultaneously. However these do not record.


    If you are interested in a full DVR system that is accessible from the web than i suggest you look into the Swann family. We have 7 Swann cameras around our house with the DVR hidden in our house. Swann DVRs and Cameras are on the consumer end and are really easy to use and setup.

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    Re: IP Cameras / Home Security

    Please contact Moti Barski! Perhaps has an AI based solution.
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