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Thread: The State of VBForums

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    The State of VBForums

    I've been a valuable member to the VBForums community since August 2004. Thats practically nearly 9 years... Ok maybe 6 or 7 since the time I've been banned stretched a couple years. My how time flies. And it is no where near like it use to be. Back then we had some incredible members such as wossname, dglienna, NoteMe, Megatron, Electroman, RobDog888... I can go on and on. But those members are long gone. Some have retired and moved on. Others have been banned permanently. I miss the times when Chit Chat was mad crazy and people got banned left and right (and came back of course.) I missed the times the Games and Graphics section was actually very active and game questions can actually be answered with clarity. Now I feel I'm the only game expert left in these forums. I remember when VB.Net was becoming a new thing, and now there are just as many people posting thread questions in VB.Net as there is VB6. Amazingly enough, even though Microsoft has abandoned support for VB6 many many years ago, it continues to be widely used, even by myself (although I do know VB.Net, C#, and C++ just not as strong). Otherwise there wouldn't be that many thread questions in the VB6 section and VB.NET would be overflowing with people. Its probably why VBForums continues on. Could VBForums be dying a very slow death? Obviously a man with my talents should be posting game questions over in gamedev.net and stay there since there are better game experts than me in large numbers over there, not to mention all the game related topics are broken into categories, but I stay here knowing I can help others. Just that there are hardly anyone left to help in the game related area. And usually when I post a programming related question, its sometimes so advanced that I never get a good answer. If I posted the same question 5 years ago, I know I would have gotten the help I needed. I miss the old VBForums. The good ol' times. The people in general. We need people like that back.

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