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Thread: Calling macro from VB script

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    Calling macro from VB script

    Hi I am trying to call a macro in test.xls using the following VB script

    Option Explicit

    Dim returnVal
    returnVal = 0
    WScript.Echo returnVal

    Dim xlApp, xlBook

    Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("D:\test.xls", 0, True)
    xlApp.Run "macro1"
    xlBook.Close false

    Set xlBook = Nothing
    Set xlApp = Nothing

    WScript.Echo returnVal
    ''WScript.Quit returnVal
    The macro defined in test.xls is :

    Dim returnVal as Boolean
    sub macro1()
    returnVal = 1
    Exit Sub
    End Sub
    When I try to run the VB script I get a pop up window with value 0 (that is for the echo I am doing at the start). Then I get a pop up window with value 0 again. Looks like the value from the macro is not being returned.

    Where am I going wrong here.

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    Re: Calling macro from VB script

    Moved to the VBScript forum.
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    Re: Calling macro from VB script

    Looks like you defined it twice:
    Dim returnVal
    Dim returnVal as Boolean

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