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Thread: [RESOLVED] error 3464? help

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] error 3464? help

    I cant save the this now to my database
    error 3464 "data type mismatch"

    here are the codes
    Set db = OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\database\database.mdb")
        db.Execute "update audit_log set timeout = '" & TimeValue(Now) & "', totaltime = '" & totaltime & "' where id = '" & timeid & "'"
    in my table(Audit_log) field2(timeout) and field3(totaltime) are text and my primary key field1(timeid) is autonumber

    my variables in vb timevalue(now) is string.
    totaltime is string
    time id is integer

    why I have data type mismatch??

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    Re: error 3464? help

    i forgot that my timeid in the update statement had single quotes which i had to remove to make the update work

    no need to post i already figured it out. how do i make this thread resolved.
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