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    Resolved [RESOLVED] send sms from windows application

    I registered sms package from sms provider and they provided me with an api to send sms.

    How to send sms in windows application vb.net using api ? Is it possible to send sms from windows app with internet connetion.

    Please help its urgent

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    Re: send sms from windows application

    OK, so put say one button, a webbrowser control (set visible to false), and 2 textboxs on a form, textbox1 will be number, textbox2 message

    im assuming msisdn is the mobile number to send to and sid is what name it says on the phone

    code under button (i havent tested so maybe a bug)


    dim url as string
    dim mnumber as string
    dim message as string

    if textbox1.text = "" then
    msgbox("please enter number")
    exit sub
    elseif len(textbox1.text) < 10 then '10 length of mobile phone number
    msgbox("please enter correct mobile number")
    exit sub
    elseif isnumeric(textbox1.text) then
    if textbox2.text = "" then
    msgbox("please enter a message")
    exit sub
    elseif len(textbox2.text) > 160 then
    msgbox("please limit message to 160 characters")
    exit sub
    'do our code

    mnumber = textbox1.text
    message = textbox2.text
    url = "http://thewebaddy.jsp/?usr=username&pass=password&msisdn=" & mnumber & "&sid=myname&msg=" & message
    end if
    msgbox("please enter only a number")
    exit sub
    end if

    Got this reply from other post...

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    Re: [RESOLVED] send sms from windows application

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
        Select Case True
            Case LenB(TextBox1) = 0&
                MsgBox "Please enter the number!", vbExclamation
            Case Len(TextBox1) < 10& '10 length of mobile phone number
                MsgBox "Please enter correct mobile number length!", vbExclamation
            Case IsNumeric(TextBox1)
                Select Case Len(TextBox2)
                    Case 0&
                        MsgBox "Please enter your message!", vbExclamation
                    Case Is > 160&
                        MsgBox "Please limit message to 160 characters only!", vbExclamation
                    Case Else 'do our code
                        WebBrowser1.Navigate "http://thewebaddy.jsp/?usr=username&pass=password&msisdn=" _
                                             & TextBox1 & "&sid=myname&msg=" & TextBox2
                End Select
            Case Else
                MsgBox "Please enter numbers only!", vbExclamation
        End Select
    End Sub
    On Local Error Resume Next: If Not Empty Is Nothing Then Do While Null: ReDim i(True To False) As Currency: Loop: Else Debug.Assert CCur(CLng(CInt(CBool(False Imp True Xor False Eqv True)))): Stop: On Local Error GoTo 0
    Declare Sub CrashVB Lib "msvbvm60" (Optional DontPassMe As Any)

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