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    Techniques on oral/mental math

    My 9 year old son will compete on a mental/oral math competition next week, anyone here who can provide tips or provide a link for some tip and tricks? TIA

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    Re: Techniques on oral/mental math

    Repetition, repetition, and repetition.

    Once your son gets into more advanced math, such as trigonometry, there are a few tricks to the trade. For example, if in a test in which the students may not use calculators, there is a question about the tangent function, the answer will invariably be some multiple of PI/4 radians (which equals 45 degrees), for the simple reason that those values are the only ones that can be calculated without a computer in a reasonable amount of time. Same goes for Sine and Cosine at key values.

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    Re: Techniques on oral/mental math


    You should check out www.calculationrankings.com. Specially designed to practice mental math.

    Cheers Chip

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