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Thread: Help using VB Script to edit an XML File

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    Question Help using VB Script to edit an XML File

    So work gave me a project. I'm a novice programmer at best (just enough to pass the two Java Programming courses required by my degree), and I'm more of a hardware and troubleshooting guy. So I'm here asking for some assistance.. bacon needs saving here... I'm trying to edit this XML File, specifically the tags /accounts/a0/name and /accounts/a0/jid.

    <!DOCTYPE accounts>
    <accounts version="0.14" xmlns="">
                    <override-certificate type="QByteArray">
                    <override-domain type="QString">
                    <use type="bool">false</use>
                    <authid type="QString">
                    <realm type="QString">
                <log type="bool">true</log>
                <use-host type="bool">false</use-host>
                <stun-port type="QString">3478</stun-port>
                <security-level type="int">0</security-level>
                <port type="int">5222</port>
                <ignore-SSL-warnings type="bool">false</ignore-SSL-warnings>
                <keep-alive type="bool">true</keep-alive>
                <connect-after-sleep type="bool">true</connect-after-sleep>
                <pgp-secret-key-id type="QString">
                <name type="QString">Default</name>
                <ssl type="QString">auto</ssl>
                <reconn type="bool">true</reconn>
                <proxy-id type="QString">
                <bytestreams-proxy type="QString">
                <priority type="int">5</priority>
                <jid type="QString"></jid>
                <resource type="QString">Psi</resource>
                <password type="QString">
                <compress type="bool">false</compress>
                <automatic-resource type="bool">true</automatic-resource>
                <legacy-ssl-probe type="bool">true</legacy-ssl-probe>
                <require-mutual-auth type="bool">false</require-mutual-auth>
                <enabled type="bool">true</enabled>
                <auto type="bool">true</auto>
                <allow-plain type="QString">over encryped</allow-plain>
                <stun-host type="QString">
                <host type="QString">
    I need to edit the text of /accounts/a0/name to be the username currently logged onto the windows machine, and the text of /accounts/a0/jid to read <username> I need the script to make these changes, then reach out and start an executable in the program files. This is what I have so far.

    Dim strPsiUser
    Set oWshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
    strPsiUser = oWshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings ("%UserName%")
    Set xmlDoc = _
    xmlDoc.Async = "False"
    xmlDoc.Load("C:\My Documents\accounts.xml")
    xmlDoc.Save "C:\My Documents\accounts.xml"
    I've not had luck with code to set the text, and everything I have tried to save the file ends up with a blank file. I would appriciate any assistance you could offer.

    Thank You!

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    Re: Help using VB Script to edit an XML File

    This should handle the xml part.

    One thing I see with your xml is the doctype node is incomplete and will cause the load of your file to fail. Either remove the node or make sure it is complete.
    <!DOCTYPE accounts>

    Option Explicit
    Dim xmlDoc, objNode
    Dim strFile 
    Dim strUserName, strID
        strUserName = "MyUserName"
        strID = strUserName & ""
        ' Path to your xml file
        strFile = "C:\My Documents\accounts.xml"
        ' Create an xml Documment object and load your file
        Set xmlDoc =  CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
        xmlDoc.Async = "False"
        xmlDoc.Load  strFile
        ' Find the accounts/a0/name node
        Set objNode = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode("accounts/accounts/a0/name")
        ' Test that a node was returned
        If Not objNode Is Nothing Then
            objNode.Text = strUserName
        End If
        ' Find the accounts/a0/jid node
        Set objNode = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode("accounts/accounts/a0/jid")
        ' Test that a node was returned
        If Not objNode Is Nothing Then
            objNode.Text = strID
        End If
        ' Save the changes
        xmlDoc.Save strFile
        ' Clean up
        If Not objNode Is Nothing Then
            Set objNode = Nothing
        End If
        Set xmlDoc = Nothing

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    Re: Help using VB Script to edit an XML File

    Thank you for the response.

    I was not aware that the XML document declaration was incomplete. It is generated by the program, so I'm not sure if it's possible to change it. I'll experiment with it and thank for this code! Bacon is saved, if only I could send you a BLT now!

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