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Thread: Getting Started - Bit confused, need some tips to get going.

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    Getting Started - Bit confused, need some tips to get going.

    For what it matter I know my html/css/js/jquery (and mvc, etc for the matter, though not usefull here other than creating service endpoints for a mobile app using web api)

    I'm a bit at lost as to where to start after making some assumptions about what PhoneGap does and then went reading up on it.

    I *assumed* one would create something like a mobile site using html5, css3, jquery and jQuery mobile along with some PhoneGap api to access things like the camera, etc,etc
    Then just use PhoneGap build to compile that for the different devices.

    However when I start reading on the phonegap site there is "getting started" guides for each different type of phone which threw me off track.

    Could someone give me a few pushes in the right direction?

    What I'd like to is expose some methods using web api (done) using json. I already created a "test" client using html and jquery and from that create a mobile app for each major platform
    The end result must be a mobile app. And I need to run on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry at minimum.

    Sorry if my question are too broad (hope not)

    A good book recommendation?
    I looked at the PhoneGap tutorial on but they just want to use dreamweaver. I like to use a normal html/css/js editor (like Sublime, but Eclipse is cool)
    Then at PluralSight but that dude get cracking in Visual Studio.
    Damn, I'm confused.

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    Re: Getting Started - Bit confused, need some tips to get going.


    I haven't used PhoneGap, so I can't help you there.

    What I will say though is, if you are looking to go cross-platform, I have been hearing very good things about MVVMCross, so you might want to look into that as well:


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