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    Output of this program


    Can someone help me with this. Explain what the following program does

    $ open/read input_file 'flagfile'
    $ read_iteration:
    $ read/end_of_file=end_of_loop input_file current_line
    $ size = f$length(current_line)
    $ flag = f$extract(size-1,1,current_line)
    $ show sym flag
    $ jobname = f$extract(0,size-2,current_line)
    $ show sym jobname
    $ if 'flag' .eq. 1
    $ then
    $ @cs_progs:cs20_resubmit_job.com 'jobname'
    $ endif
    $ goto read_iteration
    $ end_of_loop

    Thank u in advance

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    Re: Output of this program

    I'm not sure, it's not visual basic.net which is what this forum is. What is the language? Possibly java?


    it looks as if it reads a file. get's some properties from that file and then sets a boolean value.

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    Re: Output of this program

    what a strange language, as above it seems to read a file but I think its also writing into it if flag = 1. but again this isnt vb.net, im not sure what it is

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    Re: Output of this program

    That's the command language used on VMS systems such as HP OpenVMS, which is a Perl like command line language.

    It opens a file, named "flagfile" and reads it line by line parsing out two strings from it (named flag and jobname) and displays it in the console window.
    If part of the string, in the program called 'flag' is equal to 1 it runs another command line program and passing the 'jobname' string.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with VB.Net so I'm moving this thread to the General Developer forum.
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