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Thread: C vs C++

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    C vs C++

    I want to switch to either C or C++, but I don't know which one to choose. I don't care about the difficulty, because I have awesome forum people to help code.

    I only work with timers, so which one offers better performance for my needs.

    I do come from a .NET background.

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    Re: C vs C++

    What do you mean when you say that you only work with timers?
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    Re: C vs C++

    Just taking a guess here and think you mean programming micro-controllers?

    Really a C / C++ noob (doing .net for years also) and also (if guessed right) getting into programming micro-controllers using C/C++ the past few weeks (though I started with Arduino).
    Anyhow, point is I had the same question and while I still do not know the answer, I learned you will be better off learning some C and then C++. (pretty much like knowing JavaScript before trying jQuery, if that make any sense)

    I did not use them for years, but Lynda.com have an awesome C/C++ course : http://www.lynda.com/Eclipse-tutoria...g/94343-2.html

    My plan is go over that course to know the fundamentals of both and by the time I'm done the "Programming Arduino with C" book should be out.
    In my case next logical step would be programming microcontrollers (timers?) directly using C or C++, though I do not have a clue.

    But try that course. It's really good.

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