Since I don't know much about Crystal Reports, I'm not sure how much of the following relate to MVC. Forgive me if it's totally unrelated (and feel free to move my post, mods)

My company have a separate system with it's own data and a bunch of reports created using Crystal Reports. I looked at those today, and seems one configure the report to use this and that tables and so on.

I've build and MVC system and got my own data. (for what it matter I'm using nHibernate, SharpLite) and must create exactly the same reports (hopefully can be done in the background without the user knowing about it. Create a report, save as pdf and email it off)

I don't have a clue where to start (other than installing Crystal on my machine in the morning and poking around in the reports)

Can anyone perhaps give me some direction here? If possible, I'd like to use the exact same reports (boss was very clear about this) but rather supply it's data from LINQ queries against my repository classes.
Alternatively I guess I can still write some sproc's (which I did not use in years..thanks ORM's)

What bother me is that I got images stored as base64 strings in my database. Only way I know how to convert those strings to images is in C# as I do now.

The more I write, the more I realize this is completely not MVC, but for in case there's something like a "CrystalReportResult"...lol