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Thread: how to output image thumbs in rows of 3?

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    how to output image thumbs in rows of 3?

    hi all i am trying to display image thumb with its title in rows of 3 but the following code out puts each image in one row! could you guys help me output the image thumb and its title in rows of 3 ?

    // iterate the new array
      for($i = 0; $i < count($foo2[1]); $i++){
    <a href="<?PHP  echo $foo2[1][$i]; ?> "><img src="<?PHP  echo $foo5[1][$i] ; ?>"></a>
    <div class="title"><?PHP  echo $foo3[1][$i]; echo '('. $foo4[1][$i]. ')'; ?></div>
    }//end of for loop

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    Re: how to output image thumbs in rows of 3?

    Your issue is not clear to me. Please provide a visual example and also CSS if possible.

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    Re: how to output image thumbs in rows of 3?

    hai...I didn't understand.....can you explain more...
    you only want to display image thumb in third row?

    like this
    PHP Code:
    // iterate the new array
      for($i = 0; $i < count($foo2[1]); $i++){

    if($i==2){ // because number is start from 0...0,1,2...this only display image in third row.....
    <a href="<?PHP  echo $foo2[1][$i]; ?> "><img src="<?PHP  echo $foo5[1][$i] ; ?>"></a>
    <div class="title"><?PHP  echo $foo3[1][$i]; echo '('$foo4[1][$i]. ')'?></div>


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