Hi Friends;

I have a crystal Report that have a formula field to make simple summation of three fields from DB as follow:

Name:  SimpleSum.png
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when I try to preview the report, it shows fine but when I try to show it through a web site give me the following error message:

This field name is not known. Error in File C:\Users\67514\AppData\Local\Temp\temp_a96fbdb4-098c-4841-b2da-8a8eac4aebbe {43114A1C-5F20-4406-828A-4F062FAF5AF6}.rpt: Error in formula . '{coa_load_pk.capgen_mw} + {coa_load_pk.capres_mw} + {coa_load_pk.capsb_mw} ' This field name is not known.

can anyone explain that?