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    Display 3 tables in one rdlc

    I have 3 tables I need to display in a report. Table one contains information on the project. table 2 contains Main Items of the project. table 3 contains sub items to the main items. After fighting with crystal reports I thought i try Windows reporting services. Table one has can link to table two using "Project Number" Column. Table two can link to table three using "Main Items Index" Column. Is it possible to create a report like the following:

    Project_Number Project_name Project_owner <---Table one fields
    -----------Main_Item_1_Name Main_Item_1_Description Main_Item_1_Price
    --------------------Sub_Item_1_Name Sub_Item_1_Description
    --------------------Sub_Item_2_Name Sub_Item_2_Description
    --------------------Sub_Item_3_Name Sub_Item_3_Description
    ---------- Main_Item_2_Name Main_Item_2_Description Main_Item_2_Price
    --------------------Sub_Item_1_Name Sub_Item_1_Description
    --------------------Sub_Item_2_Name Sub_Item_2_Description
    --------------------Sub_Item_3_Name Sub_Item_3_Description
    --------------------Sub_Item_4_Name Sub_Item_4_Description

    I am totally noob to this and if anyone could point me or explain what kind of research I should be doing.

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    Re: Display 3 tables in one rdlc

    Yes, it's very possible.

    First of all you're going to want a sql query that joins those tables together and returns all the information you need in one data set.
    Next you'll create a tablix in SSRS based on that dataset. The initial row you create should be the detail row. In your case that's SubItemName and SubItemDescription.
    Next you'll add a group to you detail row. You want it to be a parent group and you want it to include a header row. You'll see that will create a parent row in your tablix. Put MainItemName, MainItemDescription and MainItemPrice in the apropriate cells (adding new column if that's apropriate)
    Finally add another group as a parent of the previous group. Follow the same steps.
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