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i tested the new version .74 and i can cofirm that manual resizing (turning autosize off and on) fixes now the problem with the truncated text.

But why does the autosize feature of the MS label control works correct without manual resizing?
it looks like there is still something to improve/fix...
I don't think the VB.Label will trigger an auto-size in case of an Font fallback. Indicator for me is the background not sized accordingly on the VB.Label. it just draw beyond the border due to DT_NOCLIP. (LabelW uses also DT_NOCLIP, so normally same result should be seen)

Can you make a test with VB.Label as following:
1.In Win7 in IDE set AutoSize = True and then enlarge afterwards the width.
2. Compile
3. Test on WinXp. Is the Width shortened due to the font fallback and autosize?