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Update released.
The performance of the ToolBar has been increased.
This was achieved by internally doing at some points (if applicable) a invalidation instead of a refresh.
Very good, works well, thanks.

Changing .TextAlignment will cause re-creating of the control. During the re-creation LockWindowUpdate is used:
Maybe LockWindowUpdate does cause a screen flicker in your particular app, just a guess.
It does.
I don't use LockWindowUpdate in the app, which could be the cause.
Also I don't know of other controls that do, at least I can't find because they are compiled (CC5).

Refer to http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.p...=1#post5108773 for reason and explanation.
This improvement will work for sure if VBCCR is alone in the world.

Solution could be to set the .TextAlignment already at design-time to the wanted value.
This solution works very ok.
Changing .TextAlignment is very unlikely.
Flickering is solved so far.