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Thread: Can't load xml from string (.loadXml)

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    Unhappy Can't load xml from string (.loadXml)

    Hi guy's, I am well and truly stuck as to why the following code will not load xml into my xmlDocument variable from a string.

                            var stringXML = request.responseText;
                            var xmlDocument = new Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.XmlDocument();
    I have triple checked that stringXML has the value that I am expecting, which is a text string.

    This is a javascript html css metro style application. I just don't see why the loadXml function is not populating my xmlDocumet varable with the contents of stringXML. Also I have check the contents of the xmlDocument variable after loadXml has run and it is empty, I also find it weird that I don't get any errors.

    Best Regards, Antony.
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    Re: Can't load xml from string (.loadXml)

    You should try a simple xml string containing nearly nothing, it should work. I've even managed to get it working to load a XAML string (since you are posting in the "Metro" subforum,see my blog post.
    Could you post the value of stringXML?
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