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Thread: Is using a DataGrid the best way?

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    Exclamation Is using a DataGrid the best way?

    I've got an application that I'm re-writing in WPF (was in WinForms) and I've hit a bit of a problem.

    I have a form where i want the user to be able to enter contact details.
    There are 3 fields, contact type (phone, mobile, email etc), contact details (the actualy number) and a notes field.

    Once everything has been entered, the user clicks a button to save all of the contact info along with all of the other collected data.

    Am I best using a datagrid that the user can directly enter the data into?
    or should i be using a different/better method?

    And if I'm to be using the grid, then how the hell do i do it?
    Its easy in winforms but i cant seem to get my head around it in WPF.

    I have created 3 columns and made one a ComboBoxColumn but i cant get it to display anything at all.

    Please help!!


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    Re: Is using a DataGrid the best way?

    Read an article or two about MVVM, that helps understanding how you can do this best.
    VB6 & C# (WCF LINQ) mostly

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